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Sarthak Group

Sarthak Group founded on 2007 at Nagpur, successfully operating in Power and Constructions. Under visionary leadership of its Directors of the company is growing successfully in many sectors. In future Sarthak Group is looking forward to venture in Geothermal Power Sector, for which we are working with USA based companies.

With a thought of entering in FMCG, now Sarthak Group is coming up with Shahi Bahar Herbal Pan Masala as their flagship Product, which is getting produced by “Shourya Food OPC Pvt.Ltd”. The company is having its production centrally located at Raipur, and will be coming up with many FMCG products in future.

Shahi Pan Bahar – Trust On Data

 Total Ash (Dry Wt.) %w/w 8.0 7.12
 Acid Insoluble Ash (Dry Wt.) %w/w 0.5 0.18
 Total Aflatoxin ppb 30.0 4.35
 Lead As Pb  ppm 2.50 2.10
 Mercury As Hg  ppm 1.0 0.06

How 100% Herbal

Shahi Bahar is not only herbal Pan Masala, as all Pan Masalas uses Natural Ingredients like Beatle nuts (Supari), Catechin (Kaththa), clove (Laung) Cardamom (ilaechi) perfumes (Itra) and spices which are plant products.

While there are chances that Other Pan Masalas may be using some or the other chemical to remove possible impurities, which is taken care by natural ways in “Shahi Bahar” hence its 100% Natural.

As ingredients used in making of Shahi Bahar are of low moisture quality, hence there is no need to use any chemicals like Magnesium Carbonate.

Shahi Bahar has all ingredients well within permissible limits recommended by FSSAI.

Shahi Bahar Pan Masala - Nutritional Values

Test Particulars Result
 Total Fat 02.10%
 Saturated Fat 00.55%
 Unsaturated Fat 00.45%
 Poly Saturated Fat 00.60%
 Mono Saturated Fat 00.50%
 Protein 07.52%
 Carbohydrate 10.12%
 Energy 679.0 Cal.
 Any Other Chemical NIL



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