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Pan Masala


Pan Masala

Shahi Bahar

Shahi Logon Ki Pasand

Shahi Bahar

Unche Logon Ki Shahi Pasand

Ek Need

Pan Masala is not something very new to the consumer, It has been a part of lives of people since ages.

In Ancient time people use to consume it fresh hence were away from the harmful effects, which are result of gaining moisture and other effects.

Sarthak Group thought of a fully herbal Product with no or least possible moisture and methodology of letting its consumption Fresh.

A Product of Trust

Shahi Bahar is a Pan Masala a product which was bought in with lots of research and keeping it as Natural as possible.

Sarthak Group came up with self processed ingredients, Which are more Natural and apt to be consumed.

Processed with traditional cum Natural method "Shahi Bahar" is free form moisture and unexposed to harmful chemicals.

How 100% Herbal

Shahi Bahar is not only herbal Pan Masala, as all Pan Masalas uses Natural Ingredients like Beatle nuts (Supari), Catechin (Kaththa), clove (Laung) Cardamom (ilaechi) perfumes (Itra) and spices which are plant products.
While there are chances that Other Pan Masalas may be using some or the other chemical to remove possible impurities, which is taken care by natural ways in “Shahi Bahar” hence its 100% Natural.
As ingredients used in making of Shahi Bahar are of low moisture quality, hence there is no need to use any chemicals like Magnesium Carbonate.
Shahi Bahar has all ingredients well within permissible limits recommended by FSSAI.



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